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The end result of this project is to lay the groundwork for the development of Internet-enabled quality video services for the end user, which today represents a quantum leap in user experience and a benefit to operators and Internet content providers.

The project aims to:

- Characterize the design of the Internet to offer video services with a measurable high quality User Experience similar to today's DTT and IPTV, CATV or satellite as deployed by the Operators or DVD.

- Develop a new image and video coding system that can meet the Internet user's experience on any fixed or mobile access network. This will reduce the cost per byte, increase the capacity of existing networks and improve the user experience.

It is estimated that 40% of Internet traffic today corresponds to video content, progressing to 60% over the next four years. This content originating from all sources: from P2P, Video On Demand to regular broadcasts of established TV channels. This is compounded by the expected development of the performance of High Definition and 3 Dimensions.content:

Concurrently the new digital televisions incorporate Internet connections for viewing such content, providing us with the scenario: Internet Video presented in  the TV set.

All this raises the challenge of providing such content to the viewer with the same Perceived Quality or Quality of Experience as is usually received from the  classical distribution channels: DTV, CATV, satellite, DVD, etc..